The majority of disputes can be resolved in a practical, strategic and commercially astute manner. Disputing parties can avoid the aggravation and expense of court proceedings in most instances by agreeing to a mediation process that assists parties to resolve issues themselves without the necessity of a third party resolving the issues for them.

As a nationally accredited mediator Elise Margow enables parties to resolve complex disputes by combining well-tested and tried mediation techniques with her unique experience and knowledge gained as both litigator and commercial manager.



We specialise in mediations concerning:

  • banking & finance disputes;
  • corporate disputes;
  • commercial disputes; 
  • employer/employee disputes;
  • disputes between senior management, CEOs & Boards
  • major leasing disputes

examples of disputes we mediate

  • Mortgages & loan disputes;
  • Sale of shares & sale of business disputes;
  • Mergers & Acquisition disputes;
  • Joint Venture disputes;
  • Performance Management disputes;
  • Corporate restructure disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Legally Speaking helps you assess and identify comprehensively the short, medium and long term legal services and advice required by your business based on commercial imperatives. This includes:

  • identifying the most appropriate and cost effective way of providing legal services for your business;

  • assisting you to manage legal services, whether these are outsourced or provided in-house

  • assisting you to minimise the legal spend of your business without minimising the quality of legal services provided.



At Legally Speaking we take the time to understand the general culture and philosophy of your business, including your risk appetite and outlook towards the market place.



We take into account your business strategy, structure and financial position together with your future projections when determining the type of legal assistance and advice most appropriate for you.


business process

We assist you to put in place a practical process to manage the legal and regulatory needs of your business taking into account budgetary constraints and concerns.